The Pirate snorkel mask is a two-lens children’s mask with wide vertical, horizontal and peripheral visibility. This children’s mask is ergonomic and convenient to wear. It has buckles with EZ Adjust technology that allow for quick and easy adjustment of the mask. The face piece is made of silicone and adheres perfectly to the face.
The main features of the Pirate Kids Snorkeling Mask are:

• Silicone snorkeling mask with two ergonomic lenses
• Two slightly angled lenses for high visibility
• Curls on the face
• Ideal to be worn for a long time
• Resistant technology
• Ultra-lightweight design
•EZ Adjust buckles for quick and easy mask adjustment.

How to use the Pirate Snorkeling Mask:

•Place the mask on your face, then adjust it snugly to the back of your head
• Pull the ends of the headrest so that the mask fits comfortably on the face. If you have pulled too much, release the headpiece with the buckles and readjust.
• To remove the mask safely, unfasten the headpiece with the buckles and bring it in front of your face.
• When entering the water from the boat, keep the mask close to your face and hold it with one hand. Do not dive overhead or face down.
• Blow through your nose if you feel the mask being pressed against your face by the pressure of the water.
• If your lenses fog up, treat the inside surface of the lenses with an anti-fog solution and rinse with water.

Pirate Mask Care and Maintenance:
Follow the advice and instructions in the package insert.

The mask from:


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